Just when you thought there was nothing new in art….

On Art and Aesthetics

Windows, doors, swings and ladders placed in thin air that provide glimpses of or lead to unknown dimensions; TV sets and masses of cloud for heads, flying houses – these are the typical stylistic features of Michael Vincent Manalo (born 1986), who hails from Manila, Philippines and currently lives in Taichung, Taiwan. His visual artistry focuses on photography, photo-manipulation and installations. He writes that his work has been influenced by “nostalgic and dream-like environments”, it often “documents their decline into post-apocalyptic, nightmarish creations.”

In Michael’s photos, water, sky, land and concrete walls merge into an undefinable element around and within which the human mind is at once free and frustrated. No matter how open and wide the atmosphere looks, there is always something left to imagine. A mystery forever hovers at the horizon that must be entered into. A hint of “the Beyond” – wherein space and time as we know have been transcended – is ubiquitous.

Michael explains further:…

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