Posted in April 2015

On Clapham Common

I love this from The Manchester Courier of 6 July 1906: “While on Clapham Common a correspondent says he saw 7 fox-terriers, each wearing a different coloured sun bonnet, gravely following their master. “

Wife Sales, Manchester

This is from the Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser of 31 January 1835: “Too [sic] most disgusting instances of this barbarous practice have taken place within the space of a week; the first occurred on Thursday the 22nd, when a fellow from the country, named Palmer, led his wife to the gas-pillar, in the … Continue reading

Wife Sells Husband

I have been trawling the British news archives and this might be  a first. In Cumberland Pacquet & Ware’s Whitehaven Advertiser of 22 August 1815 they claim a woman sold her husband with a halter round his neck at Dewsbury market. She got oy 4s 6d for him!

Wife Sale

This seemed to be fairly common in British papers of the 1830s and 40s . This is from the Athlone Sentinal of 27 March 1835. “A disgraceful scene of confusion took place on our Market Hill on the morning of Thursday week, in consequence of a fellow of the name of Game offering his wife … Continue reading

Milton’s Watch

Here’s an intriguing article from the Sussex Advertiser of 29 August 1836: “A poor family in this county recently received a box from America, as part of the effects of an aged relative, whose ancestors had emigrated to that continent soon after the time of the Commonwealth; the box contained coins from the time of … Continue reading

Bumblebees and Neonic Pesticides

Here’s an article from theĀ i newspaper by Steve Connor: “A widely used pesticide poses a “substantial risk” and “sizeable hazard” to wild bees according to two independent studies into the effects of the controversial neonicotinoid insecticides. The largest outdoor field trial yet into “neonics” has found that the pesticide has a significant impact on the … Continue reading

Walking Roots

I love spotting howlers in the work of others, so today’s I newspaper had a wonderful article on Pontesford Hill in Shrewsbury which has been bought by local people to preserve a much loved Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The article continues : “access to the conifer-covered hill, which hosts many popular walking roots, has … Continue reading

Anzac Day

Anzac Day

This is the big national day for Australians and New Zealanders, even those who are away from home, as the huge crowd at Hyde Park Corner showed this morning. The start of the campaign to land troops in Turkey, to put a final end to the sclerotic Ottoman Empire and open the Dardanelles to the … Continue reading

The Great Obscure

Here’s another piece from the wonderful John O’London’s Unposted Letters: “Everybody is a somebody, and probably there are few of us who have not wished to go up to a stranger and say to him: “Sir, I perceive that we belong to te same planet; will yu tell me what you think about it, and-ahem!- … Continue reading

The Magic of Proper Names

Here’s another piece from the wonderful John O’London’s Unposted Letters: “Proper names have an interest and fascination all their own and delight in them is a sign of coming literary ability in boy or girl, just as, I am fairly sure, is a love of long words and a tendency to bombast. It shows a … Continue reading