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The Limits of Lip Reading

The Limits of Lip Reading

Most of us think of deafness as just not being able to hear things, but there is a huge spectrum of hearing deficits from high pitched to the very low, often the result of prolonged exposure to industrial noise or rock music- I know of a dentist who struggles to hear women’s voices. Must be … Continue reading


A Bishop’s Pardon

A Bishop’s Pardon

The Treasury at Chichester Cathedral is full of fascinating items, but I love this one: A pardon for an early bishop, though it makes no mention of what he had done. This is from the information provided: Papal pardon to Godfrey, 2nd bishop of Chichester (1088, consecrated in January and died in September) found in … Continue reading

Second Person Pronouns

Atlas Obscura is a great source of obscure information, though often flawed by lack of research, but here’s an article that got me thinking. For all its history and variety, English has no plural form of the second person pronoun. Unlike other European languages, it also has no polite/informal forms. AO find the latter … Continue reading

Desmond Tutu on Assisted Dying

Desmond Tutu on Assisted Dying

This is one of the hot topics in many countries, with our ageing populations, but in the UK  it is still a crime to help someone end their life, which causes a lot of distress to friends and family of the terminally ill. If an animal is fatally injured we “put it out of its … Continue reading

The English Way of Grief

The English, or perhaps the British, have a reputation for being withdrawn, unemotional, but this is to underestimate the reality. It seems to me we have fewer formal rituals, but a readiness to invent stuff on the fly. This is from Grace Dent in last weekend’s i paper, inspired by the murder of a popular member … Continue reading

Gorillas and Children

Here’s a great story from yesterday’s i paper: In his book The Best of Friends, John Aspinall tells of an incident at Basle zoo related to him by the director Dr Ernst Lang. ‘One evening, after the zoo was closed, a young girl employed to clean the service e corridor tested the door to Stefi’s … Continue reading

Human Pups

Channel Four recently screened a very strange documentary, The Secret Life of Human Pups, about the little known practice of people – mostly men – going to great lengths to dress as pups and to do some serious role playing. Most of the programme focused on theatre designer Tom/Spot who is currently Mr Pup UK who … Continue reading

Simple Personality Test

I don’t usually waste my time on such tests, but this one is interesting, and it’s only got 2 questions. this is from Sunday’s Observer magazine: Does living in a crowded area get you down a) a lot b) a bit c) not at all 2. Would you prefer to socialise with friends every day … Continue reading

Mothers and Fathers as Parents

There tends to be a general assumption that mothers are better at parenting; it makes sense, as they have carried the child, given birth to it, and generally breastfeed, so it seems reasonable that their bond, their commitment to the child, should be stronger than the father. But new research sheds some doubt on this. … Continue reading

Language Loss in War

This is a short piece from JSTOR regarding the survival of native language when people are isolated as prisoners of war. We tend to think of POWs as being in groups, but that has not always been the case, and tough not noted here, must have happened with soldiers in the past, particularly the British … Continue reading