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Good Gym

Here’s an article from Friday’s i newspaper on people getting fit and doing good for the community. It always strikes me as a waste of time and energy going to the gym. Better to do something useful. “A sweat-drenched crew of joggers advances on Hackney’s Wilton Way estate, pickaxes and pitchforks in hand They’ve come … Continue reading

On Clapham Common

I love this from The Manchester Courier of 6 July 1906: “While on Clapham Common a correspondent says he saw 7 fox-terriers, each wearing a different coloured sun bonnet, gravely following their master. “

St Georges Gardens

St Georges Gardens

This green space is tucked away behind the Foundling Hospital in London’s Bloomsbury, and was one of the first burial grounds in the city to be built at a distance from a parish church. It was opened in 1715, and served the parishes of St George the Martyr Holborn and St Georges’ Bloomsbury. It covered … Continue reading