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Secrets of Silicon Valley BBC2

Secrets of Silicon Valley BBC2

This is the first of 2 documentaries by blogger Jamie Bartlett whose intelligent, low key investigation of the big tech companies are seen to be very different to what they claim. He visits Silicon Valley, the main source of so many inventions that claim will improve our lives, but he finds they are based on … Continue reading


A New Word for an Old Problem

I tried to do some printing the other day, but my printer flashed up Error Code B200 and told me to contact my supplier. Too lazy to hunt out my sales documents, I instead googled the term. It seems Error Code B200 means a lot of things. It can be that the ink has run … Continue reading

Jellyfish in Eye

A few nights back I noticed something in my eye, thought it was a strand of hair, then realised it was sort of a clear thing that floated ahead of my haze whenever I moved. Late night nurse made no sense of it, gp next day thought I had a type of migraine, scintillating scotoma, … Continue reading

Kids Online – InRealLife by Beeban Kidron

InRealLife which is both an investigation into what the internet is – where is it, for starters? And the effect it is having on kids. It was inspired by a friend of hers being upset by a kid being more intrested in her smart phone than the funeral she was attending, then Kidron went into … Continue reading

When Big is Good

Big business is generally seen as a bad thing for the environment, but with modern media campaigns, they can be more amenable to change NAD practice’s than small groups or individuals. Conservationist Rhett Butler,of website which tracks slash & burn clearance  claims the battle to save rainforests is being won. The global giants that … Continue reading