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Liverpool Biennial – ABC Cinema

After struggling to focus on my writing over the summer, I waited till the schools were back and prices down to escape to Liverpool for the tail end of their festival, in the hope of kick-starting my brain. My first stop was this GradeII listed Art Deco cinema, now gloriously ruinous, dimly lit, with artworks … Continue reading

Gender Pay in Hollywood

Gender Pay in Hollywood

Yesterday’s i paper featured the headline “Hollywood’s most shameful act – the gender pay divide” It begins Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlet Johansson and Julia Roberts are among the most famous women on the planet – and their substantial pay packets reflect their superstar status. But figures published by the business magazine Forbes show that even Hollywood’s … Continue reading

Steve Buscemi the Firefighter

All actors have had other jobs before becoming successful – many of them in catering which allows flexible hours. Steve Buscemi has always stuck me as an interesting actor, often cast in a marginal, character roles, but this shows him to be a brave and civic minded  individual as he helped out in the aftermath … Continue reading

Endurance for Film Censors

This is from the i a few weeks ago: It is not often that the British Board of Film Classification finds itself in the headlines. Last November, however, the UK’s film and video regulator was unexpectedly thrust into the spotlight when a frustrated film-maker came up with a unique way to protest agains the “prohibitively … Continue reading

Captain Kirk vs Jesus

You couldn’t make this up – this is from the i paper a few days ago, headed ‘Why Kirk didn’t boldly go up against God’: It’s the greatest Star Trek movie never made – Captain Kirk and Jesus Christ slugging it out on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Gene Roddenberry, the Star Trek creator, … Continue reading

Funding Jan Svankmaer’s Last Film

Svankmaer has been called a genius by Terry Gillam, so that makes him rather special. His animation is like nobody else’s and this film will be based on a play by the Capek brothers, who are also extraordinary talents from the country that has thrown up more than its fair share of strangely talented artists. … Continue reading

Gender Equality on BBC

On the 4ooth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the BBC announced that they would be enforcing gender equality across all services. This seems to be a good thing, providing more work for women, more visibility in the arts, so encouraging more women to become involved, and pursue careers n the arts, and it follows the announcement … Continue reading

Remembering Prince

Someone on the radio said this has become a really bad year to be a celebrity – Victoria Wood and Prince within a few days of each other. Prince was so many things – songwriter, singer, performer, producer, but his virtuoso skills on the guitar have been often overshadowed, though comparisons with Hendrix have been … Continue reading

The First Chaplin Museum

It seems odd that one of the world’s most famous actors has never had a museum dedicated to him, until now. “That changed yesterday with the public opening of “Chaplin’s World”, a multimillion-solar project in the Swiss village of Corsier-sur-Vevey. Its director Jean-Pierre Pigeon says the museum is the first of its kind to honour … Continue reading