Posted in March 2016

A Poor Woman Bewitched

This is another piece from Highways & Byways in The Border: It was up in Teviot, in the days when witches flourished, that a poor woman lived, whose end was rather more merciless than that inflicted on most other kind. A man’s horse and died suddenly – elf-struck or overlooked by a witch of course. … Continue reading

A Changeling at Minto, Scotland

This is another piece from Highways & Byways in The Border: Here at Minto, if credence in the reality of Fairies no longer lingers amongst the  people – one of the writers of this volume records… that he found traces of the belief not very many years ago still surviving Flooded Edge,- at least but … Continue reading

Murder of Sir Anthony Darcy

This is from Highways & Byways on the Border: A little higher up the river than Blanerne we come to Broomhouse, where also once stood a castle In a field on this estate is a spot still called “Bawties’s Grave,” where the body Sir Anthony Darcy – “Le Sieur de la Beaute” – Warden of … Continue reading

Murder at Billy Castle

This is from Highways & Byways in the Borders: In his “Scottish Rivers”, Sir Thomas Dick Lauder sites of Billy Castle as the scene of a grisly tale connected with the Homes. He tells how, to the best of his reckoning about a century prior to the date he wrote, an old lady of that … Continue reading

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies

Apologies for my laxity of late, have been struck down with the dreaded lergy rather badly. Yesterday I was still off my food so decided to try my local Chinese takeaway. When I entered a tiny boy was sitting smiling at the till, and it was a few minutes until an adult appeared to take … Continue reading

The Undead Dead Earl of Minto

This is another snippet from Highways & Byways in The Border by A&J Lang. It reminds me of a lot of local history research I’ve done. Below Denholm, but on the other side of the river, nearly opposite the junction of Rule Water with Teviot, is Minto, in the 14th century a property owned by … Continue reading

Michael Stipe: The Man Who Sold The World

I was watching the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon when I heard Jimmy mention that Michael Stipe would be performing a tribute to David Bowie. I did everything in my power to stay awake for Michael’s performance. I had been missing his soulful voice. I wasn’t disappointed. It was a great teaser for the The…

Kidland on the Borders

Yet another excerpt from the fascinating ‘Highways & Byways in Northumbria’ Belonging to the monastery of Newminster in the Middle Ages here is a wild mountain country reaching to the Borders. It is known as Kidland, where a few shepherds tend thousands of sheep. Part of it was granted to the monastery in 1181 by … Continue reading

Early Berwick (upon-Tweed)

This is from Highways & Byways in The Border, i.e. the much disputed region between England and Scotland. This is about the border town Berwick upon Tweed: The town first became part of the kingdom of Scotland when Malcolm II, at Carham fight, won Lothian from Northumbria. That was in 1018.. Thenceforward Berwick was one … Continue reading