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Clandestine Marriages

A bit of historical romance to celebrate International Women’s Day, from the wonderful Highways & Byways series: One of the famous images of 18th century England, often repeated in cheap novels was the young heiress inveigled by an unscrupulous seducer to flee with him to be married at Gretna Green, pursued by relatives attempting to … Continue reading


Morality and Cycling

Here’s another JSTOR article, on the response to new safe bicycles which were seen as morally dangerous, as it allowed young women to go on unsupervised dates. It gave them unheard of independence, which to some was threatening. Some time ago some Moslem women opposed funding for cycling schemes on the basis that the pasttime … Continue reading

A Late Convenience

In Current Archaeology is a review of The English Railway Station which details the evolution from modified Georgian houses to the grand cathedrals we still use and love. But, since the original use of the railways was for freight rather than passengers, facilities we now take for granted were long coming : “Left luggage offices … Continue reading