Posted in June 2013

A Wrench to Unscrew Civilization   This is a short audio clip of the author Thomas Mann in which he condemns the Nazi’s antisemitism, calling it a handgrenade for destruction, and a wrench to unscrew civilisation. It takes a great author to be so lucid about so great a horror.


Embracing the Inner Partridge

Embracing the Inner Partridge

I thought this was a joke, but if so, it was a very expensive one – an ad from North Norfolk Digital Radio, home to Alan Partridge, for a PA to a radio personality. It includes such gems as ‘loafers, ex-offenders and vegans need not apply’. they need to be comfortable with bawdy chatter, and … Continue reading

Remembrance and Respect

In yesterday’s paper was an article ‘How about a black face on the back of a tenner?’ in which the journalist led with an incident from her mother’s career as an English teacher in Liverpool in the 1980s. “Half way through a lesson on Shakespeare, one of her pupils, a black boy from Toxteth, asked: … Continue reading

The Killing of Georgie

I heard this song a few days ago, and the DJ said it was one of her favourite songs, which reminded me not just of how good the song is, but how radical it was at the time, when gays were still having a hard time. It was supposed to be based on a real … Continue reading