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How to Create a Perfect Wife

How to Create a Perfect Wife

This is an intriguing book by Wendy Moore, a journalist and author who I’d never heard of. The story fills in a lot of gaps in my historical knowledge, especially featuring the poet Thomas Day who I knew from his famous abolitionist poem The Dying Negro and his book on child centred education. He was … Continue reading

Jews and Slave Trading

Jews and Slave Trading

The British Labour party seems to be ripping itself apart on a number of levels, one of which involves the matter of anti-semitic comments. Jackie Walker, vice chair of Momentum, the group that supports its present leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Momentum, made some comments that were deemed offensive, and was suspended for claiming Jewish people financed … Continue reading

Law of Coverture

This law existed in in England and North America for centuries, under which women became legally invisible when they married. Men claimed it was to ensure marital harmony, but as women became more independent, acquired skills and entered the work place, a law that gave all her money and property to her husband became increasingly … Continue reading

Slave Reparation

I’ve done quite a bit of research into the minefield that is the slavery and abolition issue. It is generally assumed that slaves and ex-slaves never received compensation from their owners or their heirs. Here’a an article of a surprisingly early victory for a former slave, though she didn’t live long to benefit from it: … Continue reading

Old Blind School, Liverpool

Old Blind School, Liverpool

This huge building was funded by blind poet, republican & antislavery campaigner Edward Rushton in 1791. He was blinded helping infected slaves on board a ship. The blind were taught brush making, basket weaving, piano tuning & reading Braille. The kids used to slide down the bannisters. It has since been police HQ& Trade union … Continue reading

Good Citizenship or Self Interest?

This is a great piece from J W Dickson’s book, Matthew Boulton, This is a letter Boulton wrote Jan 31, 1799 “To the Right Honorable Lords of the Committee of Council appointed to take into Consideration the state of the Coins of the Realm My Lords, Having observ’d many Counterfeit pence getting into circulation in … Continue reading

Seven Stars

There are a lot of pubs and inns with this name, and there are a lot of theories as to where it comes from – my vote goes for this one, from the Epicure’s Almanack: “the Seven Stars at No. 53 Carey Street, north side, celebrated its 400th birthday in 2002, although the building itself … Continue reading

Methodism in Antigua

This is from Captain – brother of the poet Robert- Southey’s Chronological History of the West Indies. IN 1760 Mr Nathanial Gilbert, a Methodist, and speaker of the house of assembly in Antigua, collected a few persons in his own house for exhortation and prayer, and afterwards publicly preached the gospel to the slaves. “Amidst … Continue reading

In a Far Away Field

Over the years I have gathered a huge collection of pamphlets and information on places I have visited; this is an article on Clevedon Church, to the south of Bristol on the coast. Once a tiny fishing village, it became a Victorian resort and is now commuter belt. The graveyard is large, with the oldest … Continue reading