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Native American Historian

We mostly measure history in terms of years, or perhaps in generations, but memories can be closer than this system suggests. My grandfather was born about a century ago, and he could tell us tales of the gold rushes in Victoria in the 1860s. The last of the soldiers of the Great War have only … Continue reading

A Lone Texan in Stalag Luft III

Last week died Flight Lieutenant Paul Royle, the last but one surviving escapees of the prison made famous by the film The great Escape.  According to his son, he hated the film, as he claimed there were no Americans there. A letter in the i newspaper from John Edwards corrects this: “Texan-born William Ash had, … Continue reading

A Quintessential Englishman – Graham Howarth RIP

This is from yesterday’s I newspaper. Graham Howarth, who has died aged 99, was a specialist in butterflies and moths at the Natural History Museum. At the outset of the Second World War he was responsible for selecting and moving he most important parts of the museum’s collections into a make-shift air-raid shelter in the … Continue reading