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English Commons

Across England and Wales, there are open spaces called ‘commons’ which are generally rough open spaces for fairs and walking dogs. But what does this term mean? This is from Lord Eversley, Commons Forests & Footpaths: “In most parts of England ansd Wales there exist many ranges of open land, which hae never been subject … Continue reading

Path of Confusion

Saw these on the riverside cycle path. No idea what it means. They are pointing to each other. I tried standing between them. Nothing happened.

Sign Needed

This is outside Bristol’s council house, a garden full of decorative vegetables. All fine & eco blah blah, but what’s the point of letting it all go to waste when there are people in need of fresh food? Where’s the sign that days ‘eat me’

Mammoth Tree

Mammoth Tree

This may be the biggest tree I’ve ever seen, but its absenc e of bark, leaves etc make it look more like an archaeological exhibit. Huge, ghostly, beautiful. I think it’s a former oak.

Fenland Losses and Gains

When we talk about Britain’s, especially England’s landscapes, it is hard to find anywhere that has not been messed about with by our ancestors. I met a guy in Bristol who had found some burnt wood near the old gaol that had been torched in the riots of 1833, claiming that this was the remains … Continue reading

London Earth Moving

Britain’s biggest engineering project at present is the Crossrail project, digging a tunnel to link up parts of the huge underground train system. But where does all the earth go? This is from an article by travel writer Simon Calder in the i newspaper: “Big Barges laden with mud from the project sail daily from … Continue reading

Lost Rivers

Lost Rivers

In the Ryan Gosling movie, Drive, there is a scene where Gosling drives his neighbour and her son along a long concreted culvert, the remains of a river, in LA to reach a paradise,a place of wonder, which is what the river once was. This is the fate of many of our urban rivers – … Continue reading

Spooky Tree

This is in a park on central Cardiff. I think it might be waiting for the park to close so it can misbehave.

All My Kindle Books

Here is a list of all my books all in one place. Some of them have been published in paperback, though may be under different titles. They are all on Amazon, and they are all unlike anything you will find anywhere. The Big World of Mr Bridges’ Microcosm: A Man, A clock, A world that … Continue reading