Walking Roots

I love spotting howlers in the work of others, so today’s I newspaper had a wonderful article on Pontesford Hill in Shrewsbury which has been bought by local people to preserve a much loved Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The article continues : “access to the conifer-covered hill, which hosts many popular walking roots, has … Continue reading

Anzac Day

Anzac Day

This is the big national day for Australians and New Zealanders, even those who are away from home, as the huge crowd at Hyde Park Corner showed this morning. The start of the campaign to land troops in Turkey, to put a final end to the sclerotic Ottoman Empire and open the Dardanelles to the … Continue reading

The Great Obscure

Here’s another piece from the wonderful John O’London’s Unposted Letters: “Everybody is a somebody, and probably there are few of us who have not wished to go up to a stranger and say to him: “Sir, I perceive that we belong to te same planet; will yu tell me what you think about it, and-ahem!- … Continue reading

The Magic of Proper Names

Here’s another piece from the wonderful John O’London’s Unposted Letters: “Proper names have an interest and fascination all their own and delight in them is a sign of coming literary ability in boy or girl, just as, I am fairly sure, is a love of long words and a tendency to bombast. It shows a … Continue reading

Force Majeure

This is a Swedish film about an affluent young Swedish family on a ski holiday in France to get the overworked father to reconnect with his family. The image of them all sleeping inthe same bed like kittens summons up an idyllic relationsip, but when an avalanche si seen heading towards them, the father Tomas … Continue reading

While We’re Still Young

This film starring Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts is about modern technology, drifting towards middle age, having kids or not, and also about living in New York. Stiller is a documentary maker married to the daughter of his mentor, who meet a younger couple who they befriend. They were drifting away from long term friends … Continue reading

Guys Hanging Out

This is my favourite bird, the cormorant. I love how they hold out their wings to dry like ladies with long dresses. I rarely see them except alone. I think the drakes were trying to get away.

Lost in the Park

I have no idea what happened here. There was nobody in sight, yet 2 pairs of children’s shoes neatly left on bench. Maybe someone found them, but how did the kids walk home? Spooky!

Spreading Technology

Here’s another ad, showing how agricultural improvements and technology were spread: FLEMISH REAPERS Notice is hereby given that the two FLEMISH REAPERS brought to this country by the Highland Society for the prurpose of exhibiting the use of the HAINAULT SCYTHE are to be in Aberdeen on Wednesday 7th September, and will exhibit their implements … Continue reading

Criminals Paying their Way

This is an ad from an Aberdeen Chronicle of August 1825: “Aberdeen Bridewell Mats for doors, lobbies, church pews &c manufactured by the prisoners and so much approved of for durability and neatness may be had of any size, at Mrs Laing’s, Union Street, the Police Office, Union Street or at the Bridewell. Besides the … Continue reading