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A Mistaken Changeling

A lot of folklore and witch stories are written in a way that it is hard to empathise with those involved, but here’s an item which raises a lot of modern issues, from BBC History Magazine, an article by Richard Sugg on ‘Fear of Fairies. Probably the most notorious Irish case took place in Ballyvdlea, … Continue reading

Roger Casement and Africa

The i paper and the Independent have a lot of award winning journalists, but sometimes they publish personal stories by them which are often more interesting than the regular news. Patrick Cockburn is a brilliant writer on the Middle East, but here’s his take on a matter closer to home, that of Roger Casement, executed … Continue reading

Another Nelson’s Column

One of the best known and most visited monuments in Britain, if not the world, is Nelson’s column in the centre of Trafalgar Square, carved by E.H. Bailey, of 1840. But Dublin had its own, smaller, column 30 years earlier in the middle of O’Connell Street. Irish Nationalists tried to blow it up in 1938 … Continue reading

Open Land in Scotland and Ireland

My previous posts  on common land only refer to England and Wales as the systems in Scotland and Ireland were completely different. Here is some more from Lord Everley’s Commons, Forests and Footpaths “Commons of this manorial type …do not exist in Ireland or Scotland. All the land in those countries, even where uncultivated and incapable … Continue reading