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Aida versus Political Correctness

Last week the papers ran yet another story that makes me fear for the future of this country. A student production of Aida has been cancelled due to charges of “cultural appropriation’, as the leading roles were likely to be played by white actors. The production was not to be the original, by Verdi, but … Continue reading


Song for the Weekend

We’re supposed to get conservative as we get older, but my tastes are getting definitely odder. I hated Tiny Tim when I was young, but am actually considering getting his greatest hits. This is ‘Fill Your Heart’, possibly one of his least weird offerings. It’s gloriously joyful. Have a great weekend!

Songs In Memory

The past few months have seen a truly horrific rollcall of deaths in the performing arts, and today Umberto Eco joined the list. Last night BBC6music again showed why they are the top digital radio station when Tom Robinson’s show asked listeners to suggest songs to remember those we have lost. The show began with … Continue reading

Blackface in Lancashire

Blackface entertainers get a lot of stick these days for being a long standing form of offence by white entertainers, but historically, there is often more to the story. Many years ago I saw a special programme by the Unthanks on traditional dances in England, some of which are pretty weird, none less so than … Continue reading

Finding Their Inner Cathy, or Kate

This is absolutely gloriously mad. 300 Kate Bush impersonators from toddlers upwards, of varying genders, all dancing to the bonkers song ‘Wuthering Heights’ that launched Bush’s dazzling career. Try to sit still while watching this. I love it. The power of music! Can I hear the sound of Bronte spinning in her grave in the … Continue reading

Behind Danny Collins

I just heard this – a true story that the re Al Pacino film is based on – sort of. When 21 year old folk singer Steve Tillotson released his first album, Acoustic Confusion in 1971 he gave an interview to Zig Zag magazine in which they asked him if he thought immense wealth would impact … Continue reading