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The Eagle Huntress

The Eagle Huntress

This film follows 13 year old Aishoplan as she becomes the first female eagle hunter in Kazakh history. We see her with her family, helping with the family farm work, and staying in town where she and her siblings are at school through the week. She comes from a long line of eagle hunters, but … Continue reading


Medieaval Selfie Stick?

Here’s a very strangely modern image It’s part of a medieval manuscript: At first I thought it was a joke, but it is in the museum of anthropology in Cambridge, a display on children in history, so look closer: The boys are playing on hobby horses, so playing at jousting, with their poles. What seems … Continue reading

Women in Sport

Women in Sport

Sport is one of the last areas where men earn more than women, but I had no idea how big is the gap, despite their jobs being just as hard – more so if you take in the lack of sponsorship and prize money for us fragile creatures. This is from Friday’s i paper, by … Continue reading

Gender Pay in Hollywood

Gender Pay in Hollywood

Yesterday’s i paper featured the headline “Hollywood’s most shameful act – the gender pay divide” It begins Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlet Johansson and Julia Roberts are among the most famous women on the planet – and their substantial pay packets reflect their superstar status. But figures published by the business magazine Forbes show that even Hollywood’s … Continue reading

Cycling Feminist Socialists

Yet again, I have to admit to not being interested in sport, but this article from Sunday’s Observer concerns, or rather, is triggered by Adam Yates who is close to being crowned best young rider in the Tour de France. He is a member of the Bury Clarion Club, which is a part of a … Continue reading

Leader Water

This is from Highways & Byways in The Border, which provides some glorious descriptions of the Borders’ landscape, always in good weather of course, which narrows things down a bit. “Sing Erslington and Cowdenknowes, Where Humes had aince commanding; And Drygrance with the milk-white yowes, Twixt Tweed and Leader standing: The bird that flees through … Continue reading

Oxford Not Referencing

A while ago I did a post base on the book ‘Old Oak’ in which I described an incident from the life of famous 19th century pugilist, Bendigo. This is an unusual name, and I wondered if there was a link with the gold mining town in Victoria Australia. The Oxford Dictionary made no mention … Continue reading

The Noble Art

This is another piece from ‘Old Oak’: Hanslope, a village in Buckinghamshire, was only 14 miles away, and its graceful spire, rising 180 feet in the air is easily visible from the outskirts of Silson. Thither [my father] … journeyed on June 2nd, 1830 to see the meeting between the Irishman, Simon Byrne, and the … Continue reading

Illegal Cricket

This comes from the Nottingham Evening Post in April 1926. Cricket as a Crime By an act of Edward IV, cricket was prohibited because its popularity threatened to interfere with the practice of archery and any person indulging in it was liable to a fine of £10 – an enormous su i those days – … Continue reading