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Launch Date!

Launch Date!

My three books will be released on an unsuspecting (except for you dear readers) public on September 24. If you’re in the Cardiff area you will be welcome at the launch.

Nobody is Safe Without NHS

Nobody is Safe Without NHS

Our much loved free healthcare is under threat but if it fails it won’t be just the poor who suffer. NHS provides mass immunisation so diseases that killed people on the past have been wiped out. Smallpox is an obvious example that killed vast numbers, rich and poor. Without jabs it could rdgutm with a … Continue reading

Counting the Black Death

We know the epidemic known as the Black Death killed a lot of people in Britain and Europe. It put an end to the gloriously labour intensive architectural style of Decorated Gothic, to be replaced by the more austere Perpendicular. The manpower shortage was so desperate it led to the Peasants’ Revolt demanding better wages … Continue reading

Plague Years

The word ‘plague’ tends to summon up images of Biblical times, or Middle Ages, as most people don’t realise that the illness, or at least the bacterial that causes it,  has never died out.  as the bug is still present in parts of Asia,  and scientists are now warning that it may come back, with … Continue reading

Regional Differences

One of the recurring themes of Barbara A Hanawalt’s book, The Wealth of Wives, was the unusual status of women in early Medieaval London, and some other towns and cities of England and the Low Countries. I am intrigued as to why, when so many countries concentrated their wealth on the male lines, with many … Continue reading

Were They Happy?

We tend to think of arranged marriages as generally bad things, as they often only present in the news as involving kidnapping or some sort of abuse, but, even now, these are a minority, and as with most things, they happened differently back then.  The world was much smaller and much more dangerous, so people … Continue reading

New Treasons

I have reported a few times on the imbalances in the British legal system with respect to capital crimes, for example, that women were burnt at the stake for murdering their husbands as this was deemed an act of treason. This is due to an amendment to the Statute of Treason of 1352. It originally covered … Continue reading

English Embroidery

I have just watched a programe by Dan Jones on a largely ignored art form – that of embroidery, which for several hundred years, England was producing the finest. We all know about the Bayeux Tapestry, which is now believed to have been produced by women in Kent, but there were many more, and the … Continue reading

Black Death and Land Management

The pestilance which raged through England in 1348-9, killing between 1/3 and 1/2 of the population totally changed the balance of power in the country. The result ign shortage of manpower meant that rental values collapsed, and many properties were empty. Ancient communities had been based on land in return for duties , but was … Continue reading

Plugging My Books

This is a blatant attempt to tweak a few book sales, as they are just sitting around at home getting on each others’ nerves. I have written 17 books, with another one that needs working on. Theyare mostly local history, but I never do just local – whatever Iwrite about, I always try to place it within a wider … Continue reading