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An Unmissable Course

This is from an old country house near Cardiff that has been used for many things since it was last in private ownership. In this timeline shows that in 1948 it was used for a parrot sexing course. I am assured that this really happened. I love the combination of the youth orchestra that followed. … Continue reading

A Gem of a Revival

This is from an article in the i Newspaper by Boyd Tonkin Back in the 1930s in Germany, the works of Marx and Freud were burnt as examples of the ‘moral degeneracy’ of the post-war WeimarRepublic. But joining their works on the bonfire at Opernplatz in Berlin on 10 May 1933 were books by the lesser … Continue reading

Plugging My Books

This is a blatant attempt to tweak a few book sales, as they are just sitting around at home getting on each others’ nerves. I have written 17 books, with another one that needs working on. Theyare mostly local history, but I never do just local – whatever Iwrite about, I always try to place it within a wider … Continue reading