Posted in April 2013

Dancing For Roger

Here’s a clip of the actress Tilda Swinton valiantly trying to get a theatrre full of 1500 cinema buffs to dance to Barry White in memory of the late, great film critic Roger Ebert. I don’t much care for Barry white’s music, but this is a brilliant way to celebrate the passing of a great … Continue reading


Not the Silly Season

These islands have a long history of sightings of big cats, often on windswept moorlands and often found in newspaper records in what is usually the silly season. But one has at last been found – stuffed and forgotten in the vaults of Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. I am not surprised that such a … Continue reading

Ebony & Ivory

One of the big debates in music is, where did what we call modern Western music come from? Most people seem to claim it is of African origin, but this is far too simplistic. When I saw the Carolina Chocolate Drops, they talked of the music of poor blacks and poor whites to have been … Continue reading

Aunt Thomas Goes on Holiday

I have finaly finished reading the wonderful family history book about several families in Bratton, wiltshire, ‘sheep Bell & Ploughshare’ by Marjorie Reeves. This is a journal written by John whitaker when the family went with the 69 year old Aunt Thomas to the Isle of wight, August 1859. “Monday august 22nd afer much consideration … Continue reading

They Does Things Diff’rent In Somerset

It seems one of the driving forces in the present welfare debate is the old 18th century notion of the deserving poor, that the days of handouts for free are gone, but there is a housing association in the county of Somerset that seems to have gone a bit far and seems to be about … Continue reading

Singing Bassists

Cerys Matthews had a feature a few weeks back on the electric and double bass which was of course fascinating. In fact, the notion of such an instrument is a recent one; for many years the bass was merely playing in synch with the cello. It really took jazz musicians to find a separate use … Continue reading

Cross Dressing Kurds

I have never figured out why men in womens’ clothing causes a fuss but women dressed as men doesn’t. Anyhow,this item has mevery confused. It seems Kurd Men for Equality was launched as a Facebook Campaign to protest over the treatment of women. All good so far. But it was triggered by a sentence handed … Continue reading