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Jane Fawcett, Bletchley Park Codebreaker, RIP

This is from the i paper : Jane Fawcett was still in her teens when she received a letter from a friend in February 1940 … “I’m at Bletchley and it’s perfectly frightful,” her friend wrote. “We’re so overworked, so desperately busy. You must come and join us.” Fluent in German and driven by curiosity, … Continue reading

A Spitfire Named ‘Kerala’

A Spitfire Named ‘Kerala’

A lot of Commonwealth citizens are known to have fought for Britain in various world wars, especially the two Wold Wars, but here’s another way they helped. This comes from the present edition of Current Archaeology, about a Spitfire that crashed over Huntingdonshire in 1940, during the Battle of Britain. The plane had the unusual name … Continue reading

Magna Carter and Hitler

This is from the i newspaper a few weeks ago. “It was the height of the Blitz, and after nearly a year of holding out aginst Nazi Germany’s advance Britain needed all the help it could get fom America. What better way, therefore, to pursuade Washington of London’s geopolitical ardour than to gift it an … Continue reading