Posted in July 2013

Beyond Geekdom

This is one of the great Monty Python Clips, a football match between Greek and German philosophers, umpired by Confucious. I love it because I know nothing about philosophy or football, nor do I have any interest in either, but it still makes me laugh.



This is one of the most disturbing films I’ve ever sat through, and it really brings a lot of shame to the people who own the entertainments which have performing killer whales at their centre. It is a film about the industry but in particular, the most famous of the performing whales, a male called … Continue reading


This song, by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes is mycurrent earworm, but it is a lot of things besides. It is a great, singalong kind of pop song. It is also a wonderful view of what love can be – they are singing about something rather private, about being alone with someone, but it … Continue reading

Songs About Working on the Land

In my post on English folk music, it was interesting to note complaints about people not writing sea shanties any more, but love songs instead. This got me thinking about the huge drop in the number of people working on the land in Britain since the last war, and I have struggled to find modern … Continue reading

Henry Rollins on the Cost of Education

Henry Rollins has never been a man you would want to mess with, but he is very passionate about his home the USA. Here he is describing the high cost of college education,and  the damage it is doing to young people and the future of his country. He urges people to look to the future. To … Continue reading

Schindler’s List For Sale

I find it extraordinary that the original list, as made famous in Thomas Kinealy’s book, then messed about in Spielberg’s Schindler’s Ark is now about to be auctioned. This is such an important document it really should be in a museum where the public can see it. Maybe some wealthy person with a conscience will … Continue reading