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Tudor Merchant’s House, Tenby

Tudor Merchant’s House, Tenby

This is a wonderful National Trust property in the centre of the old town, just up the hill from the main beach. As always, the staff are incredibly friendly and informative. The kitchen fireplace The “necessary House” in the kitchen, with a drop onto a gravel and reed bed to filter and flush away all … Continue reading

Successful Ironworkers’ Families

This is some more from Lady Bell’s At the Works, in which she shows not all families were struggling to survive; the lucky few managed to get promoted,higher wages and living conditions: “Here is a case one cannot pretend is typical, but similar homes are not entirely uncommon. The father is a foreman at the ironworks; … Continue reading


This is some more from the wonderful 1913 book, The Servantless Household. Some are funny or quaint, some still work. Don’t allow your hands to be stained, but if dirty, rub them with a piece of raw potato or slice of lemon Don’t allow hands that have touched the horse, the motor, or the boy’s … Continue reading