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A Most Infamous Seducer of Women

The following seems to turn national stereotypes on their heads, with an Englishman dying in France after an incredible life of ruining the lives of thousands of young women. This was reported in Dublin’s Saunders’s Newsletter in 1781.: An account of John Phillipson, Esq; who lately died in the Bastille. [Taken from Adams’s Weekly Courant, printed … Continue reading

The Origin of the Mayday Call

Between The Ears: Seelonce, Seelonce :This was a fascinating broadcast on BBC Radio3 by musician Tim van Eyken, dramatist Joseph Wilde and producer Juilan May on the history of the distress call. They began with the origins of distress calls; when the telegraph was invented, they used SOS, the initials of Save Our Souls, but … Continue reading

30 MPH Speed Limit Sign

This is by Rhodri Marsden in last week’s i paper. This week in 1935 saw the introduction of 30mph speed limit signs i the built-up areas across the UK. Motorists weren’t happy about this, or indeed about any of the measures introduced by Leslie Hoe-Belisha, the Liberal minister for transport in Ramsay MacDonald’s National government. … Continue reading

Open Land in Scotland and Ireland

My previous posts  on common land only refer to England and Wales as the systems in Scotland and Ireland were completely different. Here is some more from Lord Everley’s Commons, Forests and Footpaths “Commons of this manorial type …do not exist in Ireland or Scotland. All the land in those countries, even where uncultivated and incapable … Continue reading