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PIL Chaos on American Bandstand

This was the band’s first appearance on the show, in 1980 but as John Lydon/Rotten had a reputation from the Sex Pistols, they must have expected something out of the ordinary. This is brilliant – the audience had no idea what was happening, but they all seemed to have had a great time. Full credits … Continue reading

Remembering Prince

Someone on the radio said this has become a really bad year to be a celebrity – Victoria Wood and Prince within a few days of each other. Prince was so many things – songwriter, singer, performer, producer, but his virtuoso skills on the guitar have been often overshadowed, though comparisons with Hendrix have been … Continue reading

Byzantine Acoustics

This may seem to be a piece that’s gone way of the obscurity meter even for my posting, but sound in churches is intriguing, because it shows how much ancient people could figure out and get acoustics right without our modern technology. There is a general consensus that religious music and architecture are interconnected, but … Continue reading

Tiny Tim Leaves Carson Spechless

With so much discussion on gender, the ultimate crossover artist, Tiny Tim seems to have been forgotten. This is him doing Rod Stewart’s ‘Do you think I’m Sexy’ as a duet with himself. Brilliantly Bonkers.


On Saturday night I paticipated in something that really shows the value of the BBC. They broadcast an 8hour performance of music by Max Richter who also played keyboards, starting at midnight. I am an incredibly light sleeper, long plagued with noisy neighbours, so was unsure about this. I did wake up – I don’t … Continue reading