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Origins of Mechanical Music

Origins of Mechanical Music

I’ve been trawling through my archives, unearthing scraps of paper with indecipherable scribblings on them, but found one that got me thinking. This is a bit of a rambling post, (no surprise there?) so please bear with me. This comes from Humphrey Jennings’ Pandaemonium 1660-1886 The Coming of the Machine as seen by Contemporary Observers. … Continue reading


Carrots not Sticks for Drinkers

Victorian towns and cities often had odd combinations of buildings in close proximity in city centres, with a gin palace, or pub facing and competing with a music hall and a church. They were openly in combination for the hearts and minds of working class people. The temperance movement was not just about opposing people … Continue reading

America’s Early Celebrations

The American colonies came from a country that had a rich heritage of significant dates, with spring and autumn benchmarking the agricultural year, Lady Day 25th march (still the start of our financial year) and lots of other dates marking the legal and religious calendars, with fairs and markets often held on saints days. And … Continue reading