Posted in May 2015

Heroic Women

Images we have of 18th century women are generally that they were frail well mannered, ala Jane Austen, but this was a world away from the realities of woken women, most of whom worked harder and longer than we can imagine. W H Pyne gave us an image of a family of mrickmakers, the arms … Continue reading

Behind Danny Collins

I just heard this – a true story that the re Al Pacino film is based on – sort of. When 21 year old folk singer Steve Tillotson released his first album, Acoustic Confusion in 1971 he gave an interview to Zig Zag magazine in which they asked him if he thought immense wealth would impact … Continue reading

Girl with Cow

I am currently reading a huge book, Customs in Common, in which he discusses the battles not just for enclosure of land, but the battle between the various users, in particular, for grazing of household beasts. Whist there was still space between fields, and parts such as embankments that were too small to be used … Continue reading

Food Riots

I’ve been interested in this 18th century topic for a long time but always thought it was about food shortages, missing the fact that they were often aimed at stopping food – i.e. local grain – from being shipped out of the country, a matter encouraged by bounties brought in in the 17th century when … Continue reading

The Importance of Archaeology

This is from an article in June’s Current Archaeology, by Sophie Jackson “Revisiting the Temple The Mithras project Back in 1954, Diana van Royen was one of the many thousands of people who queued to see the last weeks of the excavation of London’s Roman Temple of Mithras. This was one of the most extraordinary … Continue reading

Sisters are Pulling for Themselves

An article in yesterday’s I newspaper was about the high numbers of young people taking on careers as pub landlords, with numbers under 34 years old rising by a quarter every one of the last 3 years. Barclay’s bank claims that of 8,000 business customers in the “Pubs and Bars” sector, people aged 25-34 now … Continue reading

Kids in Pics

Kids in Pics

Here’s a trio of old  photos of young children that caught my eye at the market. I would be very nervous in the company of the girl on the left. She’s got quite an evil look to her. Bad hair day on the left. Sooo cute!

Bath Pump Room

Bath Pump Room

This is where visitors to the spa used to come in the mornings for a large drink of the famous waters. You can still try the stuff – tastes rather metallic, but I’ve had worse. Cheltenham water is said to be truly awful. This is now an upmarket tea room, and if you are lucky … Continue reading

The Tribe

This Ukranian film comes with lots of warnings about violent and sexual content, and justifiably so. Definitely not of the squeamish. But it is an extraordinary beast. Filmed in black and white with non professional actors, it is entirely in sign language, with no subtitles, no clarification, no soundtrack. What you hear is footfalls, doors … Continue reading