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Tiny Tim Leaves Carson Spechless

With so much discussion on gender, the ultimate crossover artist, Tiny Tim seems to have been forgotten. This is him doing Rod Stewart’s ‘Do you think I’m Sexy’ as a duet with himself. Brilliantly Bonkers.

How Times Have Changed

I heard this song on the radio the other day and love it. ‘Because I’m Young’ by the late Lynne REdgrave from the film ‘Smashing Time’ . A song about getting away with bad behaviour because you’re young. It’s a great song because it really swings in the older sense of the word, but fails … Continue reading

High Church in a Low Town

High Church in a Low Town

Cambridge is in the east of England, so close to the heartland of the Roundheads in the Civil War, so should be all low church, ie simple decoration, and practice. So it is a surprise to find such an ornate High church in St Clements. It smells gorgeous, and has lots of paintings of the … Continue reading