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Military Trust

There was an open day down Cardiff Bay as so many big ships are here for NATo. The queue to view them was huge so gave it a miss but I liked this. Apparently the all get their eyes & ears covered, so have to work together. One soldier pushed them all round in circles … Continue reading


Stonehenge Before The New Agers

I have often heard that nobody bothered to go to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice until the Age of Aquarius brought folk with long hair and strange cigarettes to stay up to watch the sunrise, but W H Hudson of course, in his ramblings roudn the west country, has some interesting points to make. “A … Continue reading

Cheeribums as Daniel Seed.

The first mention of bicycles in the West Country of England comes from the Bath Gazette in May 1843 which notes two descriptions of three wheeled vehicles in use on the streets of Bath. One was propelled by the rider ‘rising up and down, after the manner of horse exercise’ which sounds like it was … Continue reading

An Angel for Tea

An Angel for Tea

I was on a cycling tour of Ireland, but this day I really wasn’t enjoying it. The night before, I’d gone out drinking with a couple of teachers who were with a school group at the hostel. So I set off feeling a little under the weather. The day was hot, and it seemed half … Continue reading