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Earth’s Toughest Life Form

Earth’s Toughest Life Form

Here’s an article that opens the door on theories of what alien life may be. This is from the i paper: Scientists have investigated what will kill the world’s most indestructible species and concluded that almost nothing can – except the death of the sun. The tardigrade, also known as a water bear, space bear … Continue reading

Capturing Asteroids

This seems to be an idea from science fiction, and for no apparent useful purpose, but this article from the i on 2 June suggests otherwise: Asteroids were once viewed as the vermin of the sky, disrupting astronomical observations by leaving streaks on long-exposure photographic plates used to stay the stars. How times have changed. … Continue reading

Music to Destroy the Universe

Here’s an odd article from over a month back in the i newspaper by Emily Jupp: “Norwegian art-rock outfit Gazpacho have announced details of their new album Molok along with the bold claim that a code at the end of the CD could cause the destruction of the universe. I tried to talk it through with … Continue reading