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Writing Non Fiction

Writing Non Fiction

Writing fiction or non fiction requires the ability to get inside a story, and inside the heads of characters. But non fiction has to go further – it has to be checkable, you need to protect yourself from challenges. But the process of research and writing can change you for the better. I am a … Continue reading

‘The Good Life’ or Malnutrition?

Saturday’s i had an article featuring Monty Don, tv gardening presenter, who criticised the popular 1970s sitcom The Good Life, based on a suburban couple played by Felicity Kendal and Richard Briers who trie d to be self sufficient. Don claims: “No one seriously waned to know how to separate curds from whey  or render … Continue reading

Sale of ‘Village that Time Forgot’

Britain, especially England, is in the grip of a massive housing crisis with shortages and roaring prices making all but the very rich suffer. Here’s an article that reminds us that there were once rich landlords who cared for and about their tenants. This is from the i, 5 April: Estate agents dealing with the … Continue reading