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Songs In Memory

The past few months have seen a truly horrific rollcall of deaths in the performing arts, and today Umberto Eco joined the list. Last night BBC6music again showed why they are the top digital radio station when Tom Robinson’s show asked listeners to suggest songs to remember those we have lost. The show began with … Continue reading



On Saturday night I paticipated in something that really shows the value of the BBC. They broadcast an 8hour performance of music by Max Richter who also played keyboards, starting at midnight. I am an incredibly light sleeper, long plagued with noisy neighbours, so was unsure about this. I did wake up – I don’t … Continue reading

Lost in Translation?

On Radciffe &Maconi this afternoon on BBC 6Music they were talking about strange instructions and came up with a real gem – on a Phillips toaster it instructed that it was not to be used in the presence of birds. One of their listeners needs to get out more – he phoned Phillips who confirmed … Continue reading

Iggy Speaks Out

It is hard to imagine modern music in Britain without the iconic DJ John Peel, who is now commemorated with an annual lecture in his name. This year, the 10th anniversary of his death, Iggy Pop, now a DJ on BBC 6Music, gave a brilliant talk on free music, ranging over his long life in … Continue reading

Jazz Met Pop

Jazz is generally seen as having gone out of fashion long before pop got going, if in fact it is conceded it was ever in fashion. But there have been some rather interesting  connections, perhaps the most important & interesting being the late Humphrey Lyttleton. I loved his wonderful sense of humour as chairman of … Continue reading

Not In ‘Deliverance’

In a recent interview on NPR Jack White mentioned he had some hunting records. Now, I thought he meant hunting songs, or something similar, but he was referring to records of birds -and animals? – that were used to attract them to hunters. He specifically mentioned a record of the sounds of injured crows that … Continue reading

Offensive Aramaic

Last Sunday, Cerys Matthews on her 6 music broadcast, was talking of a musician whose work she was a big fan of and wanted to play it on the show. But she was told that it contained offensive material, though what this was she did not know. I can understand how the BBC does not … Continue reading

The Oldies Keep on Rocking

We’ve come a long way since The Who’s Roger Daltry used to scream ‘hope I die before I get old.’  The Stones show no sign of ceasing their rolling, and Leonard Cohen’s shows are said to be his best ever. A life on the road, even with modern support, is gruelling to the young, but … Continue reading

Pavlovian Responses to Music

The other day I heard The White Stripes on the Radio with My Doorbell, and the radio station got a lot of complaints that the DJ had put a few random doorbell rings during the play, so people were opening their doors for no reason. I love this clip: People in traffic are often confused by … Continue reading