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Beyond Love

I’ve become a huge fan of Ira Glass’s ‘This American Life’ podcast, especially since it provides a welcome antidote to all the bad news coming out of the states recently. Last week i stumbled upon one of the strangest stories ever, in the episode ‘Grand Gestures’ which challenges so many aspects of what we are … Continue reading


International Travel Advice

Last week, the US Department of State posted a well-meaning warning about overseas travel, but they are not alone, as this article from last weeks i paper explains: “The US Department of State was forced to issue an apology on Wednesday after posting a tweet saying that unattractive people are more  likely to be robbed … Continue reading

An Uncontrollable Woman

This is from the Derry Journal of March 1878 but refers to events across the pond. Probably printed to show the superiority of the Old Country: “A man hanged while Drunk An ugly scandal comes from Kansas City, Misouri, where a man named John Ables was hanged while drunk. the usual departure of the murderer … Continue reading