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Wellington’s Victory Dinner Service

The Duke of Wellington is one of Britain’s greatest military heroes, but he was also seen as a saviour in Spain and Portugal. In the V&A is this huge dinner set commissioned by these grateful nations, produced 1813-16  

Christopher Clayton Hutton – The Inspiration for Bond’s Q

Hutton is one of the great unsung heroes who helped save lives of servicemen in world War II and  since. He was a pilot in WW1 so was well aware of the dangers of being shot down over enemy territory. He wrote a book called Per Ardua Libertas. Apparently his interest in escapology began when … Continue reading


Jane Fawcett, Bletchley Park Codebreaker, RIP

This is from the i paper : Jane Fawcett was still in her teens when she received a letter from a friend in February 1940 … “I’m at Bletchley and it’s perfectly frightful,” her friend wrote. “We’re so overworked, so desperately busy. You must come and join us.” Fluent in German and driven by curiosity, … Continue reading

Great War Graffiti Rescued

Most military history is about those who fought, but there is increasing interest in those who refused. This is from the i last Saturday: Rare and little-seen graffiti drawn by men who refused to fight in the First World war on prison walls as they awaited court martial is to be saved from crumbling to … Continue reading

Grateful Villages

I heard this mentioned on the radio last night, an odd corner of World War I history. There were five of them, the only places in England where all those who went to war returned. They were taking of a project to celebrate them by Daniel Hayman who has been visiting them and making songs … Continue reading

Anzac Day

Anzac Day

This is the big national day for Australians and New Zealanders, even those who are away from home, as the huge crowd at Hyde Park Corner showed this morning. The start of the campaign to land troops in Turkey, to put a final end to the sclerotic Ottoman Empire and open the Dardanelles to the … Continue reading