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A True Romance

A True Romance

Here’s some rather wonderful images from Winchester Cathedral. Many old churches have lovely carved tombs to dead crusaders, but this one, remembering the Earl of Arundel and his second wife Eleanor, from about 1307 is rather special. Despite their wealth they left instructions to be buried together without pomp. She has her legs crossed, like … Continue reading

Domestication of Dogs

Dog were the first animals our ancestors domesticated, and whether in Asia or Europe which perhaps suggests why the details are so unclear, but this article from the i paper last Friday clarifies it: New research suggests  that… two sets of dogs emerging independently from separate wolf populations on opposite sides of the Eurasian landmass. … Continue reading

A Retriever Pays his Way

This is from the Scandal mongering IllustratedPolice News of 1892: A SAGACIOUIS RETRIEVER At the Lambeth Police court, Frederick Hampton, 45, fishmonger, and Emily his wife, residing at London rd, Croydon, were charged before Mr Biron with stealing and receiving a silk umbrella, value 7s 6d, the property of Louisa Squire. the complainant, on the … Continue reading

Funeral Dog

Here’s another snippet from ‘Old Oak’, the life of REv J E Linnel of Bedfordshire: “For many years [REv Linnel] was accompanied everywhere by a huge dog, half Airdale and half deerhound, to which he was deeply attached, and which he called Cribb. Crib would invariably attend him even at funerals, where he would sit … Continue reading

Modern Poaching

Yesterday’s i newspaper had a horrific article on modern poaching, carried out by organised gangs who intimidate people in the countryside and who seem to enjoy seeing animals, including their own dogs, suffer horrific injuries in the name of so-called sport. Poaching has a long and proud tradition in these islands, of ordinary people taking … Continue reading

On Clapham Common

I love this from The Manchester Courier of 6 July 1906: “While on Clapham Common a correspondent says he saw 7 fox-terriers, each wearing a different coloured sun bonnet, gravely following their master. “

Pavlovian Responses to Music

The other day I heard The White Stripes on the Radio with My Doorbell, and the radio station got a lot of complaints that the DJ had put a few random doorbell rings during the play, so people were opening their doors for no reason. I love this clip: People in traffic are often confused by … Continue reading

A Dog Being A Dog

This is from a book we studied in High School, The Mango Tree by Ronald McKie, and I keep going back to it, as it is really a great piece of writing. It is a coming of age story in North Queensland in the early 20th century. This is the story of a rather unloveable … Continue reading

The Quiet World

When W H Hudson was staying in Cornwall, he was befriended – albeit begrudgingly by the house’s dog; here he explains why his life and that of dogs do not work together. “The purely parasitic or degenerate pet dog moves me to compassion, but the natural vigorous outdoor dog I fear  ande avoid becasue we are … Continue reading

Remembering Animals

Remembering Animals

I reviewed a book a while ago called ‘Looking at Animals’ by John Berger, about how much our connection with animals has changed; once humans were surrounded by beasts; they were our intermediaries with the outside world, and literature was full of human interaction with them. Today most of us only know about animals as … Continue reading