Vicar Getting Down with the Common People

This gem comes from the Belfast Commercial Chronicle of 1808.It is unclear where the event happened, but I’m sure the locals slept happily through it. The past truly is another country.

PULPIT ELOQUENCE – A preacher to a rustic congregation, professed to adapt his language to the meanest capacity. After naming his text, “O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself,” he proceeded thus: “I shall not nibble at niceties, nor ingenuate prolixities, but, with the sword of brevity, shall cut the gordian knot of obscurity, and so proceed to give you the genuine purport of this melifluous and aromatical subject, calculated allenarly for the meridian of that microcosm man.”

What obscurities would he have used on his normal parishioners? The mind boggles.

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