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A Bad Doctor

A Bad Doctor

John Aubrey is one of the great English writers and left a huge amount of diaries which range over a wide range of topics. They are chatty, he often qualifies what he writes by citing he’s not sure of this, or that someone told him, so provides insight into his life and thinking. This is … Continue reading



This is from yesterday’s i paper by David Sexton, and my first instinct is that someone needs to get a life. But I am also reminded of some of the stranger stories from folklore when people were transmogrified into animals etc : Gulliver in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels tells us that being a dirty “Yahoo” … Continue reading

Lights Out on Independent in Print

Lights Out on Independent in Print

Yesterday was a sad day for the British press – the last paper edition of the Independent, though it will continue online and it’s little sibling the i will continue; the savings made on printing an distribution will allow an expansion of its journalism, and more regional coverage, which will be good. The cover was … Continue reading

The Espresso Book Machine: an Update

Many of you were taken by the Espresso Book Machine by Xerox and the news of the first European Print-On-Demand bookstore opening in Paris. You had many questions in regards to the resulting book&#… Source: The Espresso Book Machine: an Update Note: they are talking of all Google books in the public domain, whilst offering … Continue reading

Women in Publishing

On Friday an article in the i was headed ‘Publishing industry does not take women’s fiction seriously enough’. It featured former restauranteur turned novelist Prue Leith who claimed the industry underrates women’s writing. She claimed that if women write about love, it is categorised as commercial or women’s fiction, whereas if it’s by a man … Continue reading

Minority Travel

We tend to take travel for granted in the internet age, but here’s some information on a book that should never have needed to be written: The Negro Traveller’s Green Book listing safe places to go. What surprises me is that it covers not just the USA, but Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean where such … Continue reading

Saying the Unsayable: Kate Bornstein

Here’s another piece from last week’s New Statesman, edited by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, on Saying the Unsayable. This is from American writer Kate Bornstein: “The top Five Absolutely True Thins I Had to Cut Out of My Memoir Because My Publisher’s Lawyers Said Scientology Would Sue My Ass Off: 5. We all thought … Continue reading

Nick Cave on The Unsayable

Last week’s edition of The New Statesman was guest edited by Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, on the topic of Saying the Unsayable. Tis is a wonderfully obvious comment from the no-nonsense Nick Cave “The lovely thing about the unsayable is that it is unsaid. As soon as it is said, it is sayable and … Continue reading

Do We Choose Our Friends?

This is another Nugget from my book Unposted Letters by John O’London, and it seems particularly apt in reference to the debate over friends on facebook and other media: “The late Dr Richard Garnett thought that love and friendship have each an element of the divine, and that this is their point of contact. But … Continue reading