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Harsh Justice

Our ancestors had to deal with a lot of problems but a major one was ensuring safe reliable supplies of food. This is why markets were established within walking distance of all citizens. In Britain, selling underweight food -especially the staple of grain or bread – was punished with a ducking or heavy fines. The … Continue reading


Jews Behaving Badly

This is from the Newcastle Chronicle of August 1766. Fraud is not a new crime, clearly, but this pair seem to have been at it for some time. Yesterday two Jews were taken into custody in Dukes-place for going about this city, pretending to be constables and taking people into custody into order to extort … Continue reading

Protecting Poor From Fraud

Eighteenth century England was riven with class differences, and the only people with a good education were those with wealth and with this came responsibility for protecting those less fortunate. Preventing the poor from being conned was not purely altruistic; if a person lost all their money to a con artist, they risked losing their … Continue reading

Modern Witchcraft

Here is another excerpt from The Year of the Wombat, describing life in the year 1857: “At Stafford Assizes,  [24 March], a trial was opened which gave The Times leader-writer a momentary break from politics: “This is the 24th of March, 1857. Men can go to New York in 10 days, and communicate with Constantinople … Continue reading