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The Importance of Context

I’m starting the new year with one of my favourite songs, ‘There She Goes, by the LA’s. I love it. A perfect pop song about a young woman.  But someone told me it’s really about cocaine. Listen to it again. It works.  Or it could be about a young woman having the effect of cocaine … Continue reading


Different Drum

This is a great pop song from the late ’60s written by Monkee-to-be Mike Nesmith, made famous by the princess of the love gone wrong songs, Linda Rondstadt. At the time, females were still seen as the stay at home variety, with plenty of songs about young men hitting the road, so the idea of … Continue reading

Interesting Parents

The other day on Radio6 they had a feature on interesting things that happened to listeners’ parents. Here’s two of them A father told of how his car broke down, so had to hitch a ride to the nearest phone box to call for help. He was picked up by Noddy Holder driving with Norman … Continue reading

Who let the toffs out?’

The cover story for the current New Statesman is about the falling numbers of working class people in public, from the arts to politics, Britain is increasingly dominated by posh people. Stuart Maconie starts his article by describing the musical revolution that came from the poor of these isles, noting how tourists are shocked at … Continue reading

God Help the Girl

This is the directorial debut of indy band Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch. It starts with quirky but cool Eve escaping from a psychiatric hospital, to burst into song through the streets of Glasgow, where she meets several budding musicians, they form a band and though not a lot really happens, but it happens well. … Continue reading

Webb’s Inspiration?

One of the most enigmatic and to many, annoying lyrics ever written is in Jimmy Webb’s MacArthur’s Park with the cake left put in the rain. I’ve just discovered that when poet WHAuden was having his portrait painted by David Hockney, he commented that his face looked like a wedding cake that had been left … Continue reading

Longevity of Country Music?

This is from Bob Stanley’s brilliant book, Yeah Yeah Yeah: “Almost every genre in this story so far has withered in its effectiveness after a wile, been absorbed or usurped, or at least stopped adding significant new ideas to the mix; the chart lifespan of any new genre is usualy 5 years from start to … Continue reading

Jazz Met Pop

Jazz is generally seen as having gone out of fashion long before pop got going, if in fact it is conceded it was ever in fashion. But there have been some rather interesting  connections, perhaps the most important & interesting being the late Humphrey Lyttleton. I loved his wonderful sense of humour as chairman of … Continue reading

Jimmy’s Hall

This has been rumoured to be veteran Ken Loach’s final film, but it is his last using real film stock & was helped out by Pixar to find enough of it. It had the potential to be so PC driven to be mawkish, but it steers a fine line between politics and humanity It is … Continue reading