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Between Gargoyles and Grotesques

Between Gargoyles and Grotesques

A lot of people get these two terms mixed up. Gargoyles are the strange creatures that loom out of the sides of old churches to channel water away from the building; their mouths/throats are lead lined to protect them from erosion. Grotesques are strange faces. The term originates from the faces and masks found when … Continue reading


The Witch and a Fallen Bell

This is from Tales of Old Berkshire. It is one of the more confusing stories. I doubt if the river was very deep, so why was this such a disaster to the village? After a terrible storm, long, long ago, the church tower of Kintbury fell, throwing the great bell into the river. A  wizard … Continue reading

William Wallace’s Kirk Found?

This is from the latest Current Archaeology: The remains of a medieval church, recently discovered in Selkirk, may be the remains of the ‘Kirk of the Forest’ where William Wallace was made Guardian of Scotland following his victory at the Battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297, archaeologists suggest. Chris Bowles, Scottish Borders Council archaeologist, together … Continue reading

Byzantine Acoustics

This may seem to be a piece that’s gone way of the obscurity meter even for my posting, but sound in churches is intriguing, because it shows how much ancient people could figure out and get acoustics right without our modern technology. There is a general consensus that religious music and architecture are interconnected, but … Continue reading

High Church in a Low Town

High Church in a Low Town

Cambridge is in the east of England, so close to the heartland of the Roundheads in the Civil War, so should be all low church, ie simple decoration, and practice. So it is a surprise to find such an ornate High church in St Clements. It smells gorgeous, and has lots of paintings of the … Continue reading