Tommy Ingberg

An extraordinary talent

On Art and Aesthetics

Good grades, then good job – Tommy Ingberg (born 1980) obediently lived up to the expectations of the society. The Swedish computer engineer settled into a safe non-challenging “normal” life. For some time, he quite enjoyed the repetitive existence of grueling weekdays and weekend parties. But soon he realised that there was something missing. He aspired to do more but couldn’t figure out what or how. In his late twenties, he lost direction and began spiraling downwards. Hit rock bottom. And photography, which had up till then just remained a hobby, suddenly became art. A sort of therapy.

Tommy likes creating what he calls “minimalistic and self-reflecting surreal photo montages dealing with human nature, feelings and thoughts”. “For me,” he says, “surrealism is about trying to explain something abstract like a feeling or a thought, expressing the subconscious with a picture. For my work I use my own inner life, thoughts and feelings as seeds…

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