Antidote to Kafka’s Long Distance Romance

I did a post a while back on Kafka’s belief that romance cannot survive distance, but he was not the happiest of chaps, and he was writing in the run up to the First world War, a citizen of the crumbling Hapsburg Empire. So,  his take on romance is understandably rather negative. Or maybe he just wasn’t that into her.

I would like to offer as an antidote to poor Franz, the wonderfully romantic example of the Plain White T’s song, ‘Hey there Delila‘, one of the most beautiful songs ever. He talks of being 1,000 miles apart and he would walk the distance to be with Delilah. He is also willing to wait 2 years for her to finish school and he will have made history. So it’s not just about love, it’s about endurance.

But it’s also about modern technology. Instead of a photograph or memories, he is offering the song so Delilah can remember him. Yet again, the power of modern technology to bring people together.

It always makes me stop and smile whenever it comes on the radio.

It should be prescribed on the NHS for most forms of depression.

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