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Loud Men or Quiet Women?

I went to a talk last night, the audience mostly young women When the floor was open to questions, 3 men were virtually the only hands that went up. Then a pause, still no young women with questions, some too busy tweeting to participate. A feminist if a certain age bemoaned the male domination, but … Continue reading

Women and Wealth

I’ve just started on a wonderful book, The Wealth of Wives Women, Law and Economy in Late Medieval London. The title sounds a bit dry, but it is really fascinating as the author, Barbara A. Hanawalt has spent years trawling through the various London archives to piece together some idea of the role of women … Continue reading

More Gloom For The Wussies That Are Men

A while back I posted that men are not able to live as long as women, and there is now evidence why, and that nothing can be done to change that. Well, more bad news for future generations of men: there is now new research that can reduce or eliminate female linked inherited disease. It … Continue reading

New/Old Word : Doll

New/Old Word : Doll

This seems to be a straightforward term, but only as we know it in the modern useage.  It is a children’s toy, specifically a female, or, in earlier times, it was a term of endearment. But in the past there has been some confusion, especially in England in the late 17th/early 18th century, when at … Continue reading