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Extincting Wolves in England & Wales

This is from Sports and Pastimes of he People of England, published in 1801. My previous post listed a lot of animals of the hunt, but wolves were absent, apparently because they were already hunted to extinction. It is generally admitted that Edgar gave up the fine of gold and silver imposed by his uncle … Continue reading

Rewilding is not all about Wolves

A few weeks ago I was in Bute Park, central Cardiff when I saw some people tearing out plants and smashing them up. I thought they were doing harm so of course I asked them what they were up to. They were destroying a patch of Himalayan Balsam. This intrigued me because I remember when … Continue reading

Fear Makes the World Green

For many years there have been attempts to reintroduce predators such as wolves and bears into areas where they have been hunted to extinction; the main objections have come from people afraid of attacks on humans, which is real enough, but also on the effect on wildlife. An article in Scientific American turns many of … Continue reading