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Rhinoceros Survives Poachers

This is from last Friday’s i and shines a light on current conservation efforts in Africa: Staggering around when you’re woozy with sedatives must be particularly testing when you weigh two tonnes, like Hope. She is a five-yea-old rhinoceros in south Africa who has spent a year being treated by vets after going through a … Continue reading

The First Teddy Bear

This is an urban legend that’s been around for a log time – I heard it had something to do with Teddy Rooseveldt in Cuba, but this is the real story – of Rooseveldt refusing to kill an injured bear, but it segues into how we see animals, and how this differs from the past, … Continue reading

What is it About Wisconsin?

One of my favourite films is a bleak trawl through the archives of the state, called ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’. The small number of people who have seen this seem to be utterly fascinated by the number of strange, violent and downright bonkers people who lived there in the late 19th century. As an aside, I … Continue reading