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Wellington’s Victory Dinner Service

The Duke of Wellington is one of Britain’s greatest military heroes, but he was also seen as a saviour in Spain and Portugal. In the V&A is this huge dinner set commissioned by these grateful nations, produced 1813-16  

Arms to Luxury Furniture

Arms to Luxury Furniture

One of the biggest problems governments had at the end of wars was what to do with the unemployed servicemen and the factories which had been churning out arms. Peter the Great of Russia learnt a lot when he lived and worked in England. I think he may be the only one to build an … Continue reading

A Lifetime of Pharmaceuticals

This is an exhibition in the Victoria and Albert Museum which I find terrifying, and I don’t really believe it. It is called ‘Cradle to the Grave Pharmacopoia, by Suzie French textile artist, David Crichley video artist and Dr Liz Lee, a General Practitioner. They claim that British people consume an average of 14,000 drugs … Continue reading