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Tredegar House

This grand estate, just off the Newport- Cardiff Road, was for centuries home to the wealthy Morgan family, who died out in the mid 20th century, and the estate is now owned by Newport Council – so is the ultimate council house – and managed by the estimable National Trust. It is a huge place, … Continue reading

A Big Tree

This is a picture of a shuffleboard, originally at the country house of Cefn Mabli, one of the wonders of Wales. It is now in ┬áthe orangerie at Tredegar House. It was made from a single piece of oak and now measures 42 foot, but the traveller Thomas Dudley visited the house in 1681 he … Continue reading

Remembering Animals

Remembering Animals

I reviewed a book a while ago called ‘Looking at Animals’ by John Berger, about how much our connection with animals has changed; once humans were surrounded by beasts; they were our intermediaries with the outside world, and literature was full of human interaction with them. Today most of us only know about animals as … Continue reading