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The Real Power of Pop

I have written a few times on the importance of British punk, especially the Sex Pistols. Their last show at the Manchester Free Trade Hall is supposed to be the most important gig ever – with members of many future bands claiming to be present, several times as many as attended. But there was a … Continue reading

Really Punk Punks

The English Punk scene was full of angry young people with no future, but they were largely left alone by the authorities, a far cry from their fellow radicals in what was then East Germany. This is from a small article in the i newspaper: Frank Willman was a fan of the Sex Pistols from … Continue reading

God Save What?

God Save What?

Amidst the massive and often jingoistic coverage of the Olympics has been complaints about the British National anthem. Many people object to the notion of a monarchy, and are pushing for reform of the constitution etc, but ultimately, the song God Save the Queen is a dirge.  It is the national anthem for many commonwealth … Continue reading