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1000 Years of Popular Music

This is a dvd & 2 Cd set by English guitarist/songwriter/ folkie Richard Thompson, with Judith Owen on vocals & keyboards and Debra Dobkin on percussion and vocals. It was inspired by Playboy magazine asking Thompson to provide a list of the 10 greatest songs of the millennium. As the ever iconoclastic Thompson writes : … Continue reading

Songs about London Travel

I did a post a while back on the last tram of London. Here’s Robyn Hitchcock singing in an underground tram tunnel aided by a woman playing a saw of course. This is lovely and very very English. I love anything that lists old names. A while back I heard a couple of Americans waxing … Continue reading

Ray Davies Reviews The Beatles

Here’s a strange piece from the 1960s: The Kinks’ frontman Ray Davies reviewed The Beatles latest release, ‘Revolver’ in the 1966 Disc and Music Echo magazine. He doesn’t think much of it, and seems to think along the same lines as those who accused Bob Dylan of selling out for going electric. This post claims … Continue reading

The Sound of A Storm Brewing

When I did the post on musicals, I began to think about the different types of pop music, especially in Britain, and how they seem to come from different sources. It seems fairly clear that bands like The Beatles and The Kinks, were quintessentially English and seem to have emerged from the musicals and music … Continue reading