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The First Consuls

This is from Charles Glass’s ‘Tribes with Flags’: “The consular tradition in Aleppo, and the world, began in 1517, when the Ottoman sultan Selim I granted Venice, and then England and France, the right to maintain diplomats in Aleppo. On the silk Route between China and the Mediterranean, Aleppo had resdent merchants from al over … Continue reading

A Symbol from Syria

Another anecdote from Charles Glass’s ‘Tribes with Flags’. This is from his visit to one of the Dead Cities near aleppo, to the church of St Simon Stylites: “We walked on a floor of marble that Abu Abdo [local guide] said had come from Italy. He said the church formed a cross, the long sides … Continue reading

Undevilish Devil Worship

I am currently reading the wonderful book ‘Tribes with Flags’ by Charles Glass, about his travels in the region of Syria several decades ago. In view of present events, it has a particular resonance, and I wonder how much of what he wrote about still exists. This is his account to one of the Dead … Continue reading