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Tom Sorrell’s Ghost

Another scary story from the wonderful autobiography, ‘Old Oak’. A troublesome fellow had this Sorrell been when living, and a troublesome fellow he remained after his death. They buried suicides in those days at the cross-roads, with a stake driven through them. Sorrel had committed suicide, and possibly felt discontented with his other-world lodging. Be … Continue reading

Ophelia of the West Country

Here’s a story from one of my favourite local history books, ‘Rural Rides of the Bristol Churchgoer’ by local newspaper editor Joseph Leech. In 1843 & 4 Leech visited churches in the Bristol region anonymously, and published his  reviews, much to the terror of local vicars. the results are a wonderful insight into the art … Continue reading

C.A.L.M. – Campaign Against Living Miserably

Despite all the high profile crimes of violence, and car smash ups, often late on Saturday nights, the major cause of death for young men in the UK is suicide, and it is a growing problem. There is a charity called Campaign Against Living Miserably, or CALM, which could apply to almost every charity and … Continue reading

An Agreeable Suicide

This is from a Bristol newspaper of 1770: “Alexander Griffiths, who hanged himself in a cart house in Temple Back was agreeable to being buried on the crossway upon Totterdown with a stake drove through his body. But a story that a woman he had been associated with had sold his body for dissection, a … Continue reading

Punishment for Suicide

I always thought putting as take through someone’s heart ws from the realms of fiction, but I have found a few incidents when it happened, and in fairly modern times. I found this item saved on my old computer, no idea where I found it, but worth sharing: “The Admiralty Court met for the trial … Continue reading

There Are Only Victims

There Are Only Victims

Last week there was yet another tragic incident in this country of a father- Ceri Fuller – killing his children then himself. Yet again I struggle to comprehend how someone could kill their children. Suicide is part of it, and I can comprehend that: your life, your choice. But to kill your own children… this … Continue reading

London’s Undead

In 1825 London’s Humane Society held its anniversary dinner, which was followed by a procession of 530 persons who had been returned from the dead by this benevolent charity. Since its founding in 1776 they claimed to have reanimated over 5,000 people in London alone. Add to this all the societies in Britain, North America … Continue reading